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High quality durable product made by a collaboration of established makers (see description below)


  • Height : 45cm
  • Width/diameter : 60cm
  • Weight : 5.7 kg
  • Recycled plastic : 3.5kg
  • Frame : Steel and aluminum
  • Top : 100% Recycled PS
  • Top Colour : Wasted White
  • Frame Colour : Coarse Matte Black
  • Coating Type : Powder Coat

Practical info

Plaatjesmakers incollaboration with Houtstaat and SplintersenBramen, present their fully circular coffee table!

The table top is crafted from 100% recycled plastic waste sourced from wasted fridges. The frame is created by repurposing old school chair legs. By choosing this product you have successfully saved 3.5kg of (PS) plastic waste from being burned, landfilled or even ending up in nature. The minimalistic design of the table allows the distinctive recycled plastic pattern to become the focus point of attention. With a height of 45 centimeters and a table diameter of 60cm the coffee table can be moved around easily into many different spaces.The table top is fully waterproof, easy to clean and heat resistant up to 100 degrees. The table top is very durable since most plastic parts in fridges are made from High Impact PolyStyrene (HIPS) so this table should last you a lifetime. And at its end of life it can be fully recycled again!

Did you know?
A refrigerator is one of the essential objects for almost every household in the world. Made from a variation of materials like metal and plastics. As being part of the electronic family this e-waste group is good for 65,4 million ton of waste worldwide every year (2017 Volkskrant ). At this stage there are no alternative bio materials available to take over the job of the highly engineer-able plastic. For now the plastics are barely recycled making the majority end up being burned or dumped.

Country of Origin:
Dimensions :
Made with::
Sheet Press Machine
Source of Plastic:
Consumer waste
Type of plastic :
Weight (KG):
5.7 KG

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