Waste Art - Abstract drawing

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The inspiration for the production of the drawing from plastic waste was the artistic direction - Impressionism (originated in the second half of the 19th century). This style was a reaction to studio painting, its aim is painting in nature, where the author tries to capture the immediate atmosphere of the unique moment. "The father" of this direction was Claude Monet, after whom I named the edition. The mixture of plastic mixture is the same, but the color scheme is always different. The drawing can embody a meadow, a crowd of people, or even pieces of a disorganized Lego.

Limited edition of 100 pcs. Every drawing has its serial number printed on hand made paper.

Dimensions 275x275mm (the age of the author at the time of production of the 1st piece was 27.5 years).

Hanger is made as a part of the painting.

Description of manufacturer and place of origin is engraved on every part.

Used material PP / PE / HDPE.

It it possible to pick up item in store in Liberec (Czech Republic). If you need shipping to other country, or want to change quantity, please send me a message to get accurate price offer.


Country of Origin:
Czech Republic
Dimensions :
Made with::
Compression Machine
Source of Plastic:
Consumer waste
Type of plastic :
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I bought the clock- and clipboard compression mould. Both moulds are really well made and work perfectly. I also received a how to use video for the molds by email. Great customer service too. I can absolutely recommend it.
Tom set up shipping to Canada for me, and disassembled the clocks that I ordered so that shipping would cost less and they would arrive safely! Very lovely colours, and high quality detail in the molded parts!
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