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Precious Plastic Originals
The Ivory

As the story goes plastic was originally invented to find a replacement for expensive
materials like ivory. Ivory, for instance, given its great properties was widely used to
make various products from billiard balls to jewellery and piano keys. But ivory was
scarce and expensive. To meet the increasing demand for ivory, a cheaper more
efficient material had to be invented. Plastic was born.

It's made by shredding the inside of old refrigerators and manually extruding a worm around a center until it becomes a mass, and then slowley polishing into a fine smooth surface. Many of the techniques learned here are later used to make the our Big Table
Handcrafted with love and dedication by a french plastic recycling artist who can also do handstands on skateboards!
This Ivory was one of the V3 artifacts, exhibited on the Dutch Design Week 2017.

Country of Origin:
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Extruder Machine
Source of Plastic:
Consumer waste
Type of plastic :

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Arrived very fast from France to the UK... and as you'd expect, there was no single-use plastic packaging :)
perfect! shipped in a very short time
Received in a timely manner. Adds a nice touch to recycled products.
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Everything received in very short time and in a perfect state.

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