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Precious Plastic Originals
The Diamond

Plastic is made from fossil fuel or crude oil that took thousands of years to be created.
Yet, we trash plastic in a matter of minutes. Once we burn it, is gone. Forever.
Oil is running out and plastic with it. It is time to treat this scarce material as a
valuable, scarce and finite resource.

The diamonds are made with a very experimental rotation moulding technique. Made from shredded CD cases, sorted by different colors and then layered on top of eachother to create a stone effect. The mould is heaten above a fire, a very experimental process and only 1 out of 4 came out proper. Once its baked they are hand polished and sanded to give it a smooth finishing. Hand selected and melted with love, by a Dutch designer that usually makes lemonade.

These diamonds were one of the V3 artefacts and exhibited on the Dutch Design Week 2017.
Later used in the centre of Amsterdam in a shopping window to showcase how precious plastic really is.

*We sell our "rough diamonds" here on the bazar as well. They also contain beautiful details but they still need to be sanded and polished properly.

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Consumer waste
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Arrived very fast from France to the UK... and as you'd expect, there was no single-use plastic packaging :)
perfect! shipped in a very short time
Received in a timely manner. Adds a nice touch to recycled products.
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Everything received in very short time and in a perfect state.

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