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Seeing plastic not being recycled and ending up in a landfill - or worse - has always saddened me. I think it's an exceptional material, and we should treat is as a very precious one, limiting its use to durable products and avoiding single-use application if possbile. And always recycling it!

I've been inspired by the Precious Plastic community, though I'm still operating from a flat with basic equipment and none of their wonderful machines. For now at least :)

I collect discarded single-use or broken plastic items locally, from friends and organisations, plus some street clean-up every now and then. I then wash, dry and sort the plastic according to its type and colour. I use two of the most common thermoplastics: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP).

As a rule the plastic is then cut, if needed, and melted in an oven. I use metal or silicone moulds, depending on the product. I built a small wooden press that I sometimes use for some of the products, like plectrums, clocks and soap dishes.

Finally, the products are polished and tested.

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You can give single-use plastic a second life, with these guitar and bass picks made of 100% recycled plastic. Each one of the plectrums is a unique...
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10CM, PP
The "big heart" eco-friendly fridge magnets are hand-crafted by melting discarded single-use plastic (polypropylene) collected in Glasgow. Each one is a...
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These eco-friendly fridge magnets are hand-crafted by melting discarded single-use plastic (polypropylene) collected in Glasgow: bottle tops, ice...
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10CM, Injection Machine, HDPE
Handcrafted, stylish, easy to clean, durable and robust. These coasters possess all such qualities, but their main virtue is another one: they are...
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Environmentally friendly record adapter, hand-crafted by melting discarded single-use plastic (polypropylene) sourced through donations and clean-ups in...
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A unique piece, this chessboard is handcrafted using entirely recycled and upcycled materials. The white and green squares that constitute the playing...
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