The practice of "over moulding" is not new - but the idea of over moulding plastic over flash drive circuit boards was an innovation that we developed for a small business who's desire was to make the first Precious Plastic USB flash drives.


(thanks to Zero Plastics Australia for the video of the tool in use!)

We are now pleased to offer this four cavity injection mould tools to the broader community, with the option to add your own logo as well. Make 4x flash drives with each shot!

The circuit boards can be purchased from any number of online suppliers, in any size you'd like. Have a look on Aliexpress as a start, or contact us and we can help point you in the right direction, alternatively contacting your local E-Waste center might land you a bag of old flash drives that can be wiped, removed from their plastic case, and recycled yet again!

This listing includes the engraving of your own logo on the tool, for a plain tool - please see our other listing which is a bit cheaper

The ~200c plastic being injected over the circuit boards isn't hot enough to cause any damage to the chips - so this method is a great way to ensure that the sensitive electronics are safe from any kind of damage.

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USB Flash Drive Injection Mould Tool (with custom logo)

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