Whether a a badge that can be earned to show off your plastic recycling skills, or a coin / token for a music festival - our Token / Badge tool is perfect to start mass producing a custom token with your logo or branding on them. The pins are optional, the pins create the holes so the badge can be sewed onto a bag or uniform, but if you're using the tool to make a token or coin - they likely won't be needed.

The price includes engraving of your logo in the two cavity mould (no extra charge if you'd like to use two different logos) The finished tokens are 44mm in diameter and approx. 3mm thick. Any injection machine should be able to push these out - as this tool only requires less than 10gm of plastic to make two tokens!

Whether you need your own custom poker chips, scout badge, pendant necklace or want to create your own currency - using recycled plastic to make these awesome high resolution tokens is sure to earn you your very own plastic recycling badge.

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Token / Badge Injection Mould Tool

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