Inject a plate Mould - Aluminium design specification.. Condition is "New". 

An exact CNC milled product by design - Aluminium mould for injecting a Plastic plate 3mm thickness, from recycled plastic.

26cm x 26cm x 2 x 4cm as specifications.


PP, HDPE, LDPE or PS are capable of injection for mold plate production over and over again. Quickly unscrew your mould from the injection barrel, and re-plug the connection point on the injector, so that no plastic leaks out, or a self designed plug you can make whilst switching from cooling to re-injection. Applying water you can speed up the cooling process. When the mould is cooled open the two sides of your mould by unscrewing the bolts.

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I dealt with this company and find that the information is what I needed along with the purchase. The quality was excellent and I would certainly deal with this recycle company in the near future. Thank you so much.
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Inject a plate Mould - Aluminium design specification

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