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We are an Austrian Startup, witch is specialized on building semi industrial plastic recycling machines with CE certification and we make plastic recycling projects all over the world. Our machines and moulds are already in use in 55 countries on 6 continents.

We have designed an pearl mould with "quick release" slots.
The pearls are perfect as a necklace or as pearls for an abacus.

Perfect as a necklace or as pearls for an abacus.

Hard fakts:

Plastic per Mould: 11
Products per Mould: 10
Plastic per Product: 0,7 g
Workflow: 4/5

Size Product: D: 14mm H: 9mm
Size Mould: L: 9cm W: 8cm H: 4cm
Weight Mould: 0,7 kg

The mould is designed to work with an plasticpreneur Injection machine.
Here you can find more information about our injection machine.


Due to our unique nozzle and spring clamping system moulds can easily be changed, which gives you a really good workflow.


This mould doesn't fit to standard Precious Plastic Injection Machines!

Here you can see the our semi industrial injection machine in action:

plasticpreneur - Injection Machine Overview

Brothersmake - Flower Pots made out of recycled plastic

We can also produce moulds according to your designs and needs.

If you are a registered company or organization within the EU the price can be without taxes.
If not with a registered VAT additional 20% taxes are added to the 300€

feel free to contact us via [email protected]

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Great machines, moulds and friendly support
Epic company, keep it up!
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