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The Aluminum foundry process is a good way to produce affordable molds and creative objects.

>>> Foundry is the perfect process to cast things : We can make a mold for you from a 3D printed model or any other prototype, by sending it to us, we can copy it to make a mold from it. If you don't have any model, we can make it for you, following your idea, based on blueprints, sketchs ...

>>> Aluminum foundry molds are perfect if you want to give a different look to your product, perfect for curvy objects, or objects with some detail on it ( like handmade products)

Aluminum foundry is NOT the best technic for industrial products ( phone case, logo engraving, shrap angles do not fit this process )

The pricing is depending on the complexity of each mold (it starts around 220 euros for a basic mold )

Feel free to contact us for more info !

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+33679203091 (whatsapp possible)

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