Plastmakers offers delivery of:

 2 used injection moulds for 5-way and 6-way joints with

 1 adapter and fasterners. 

Important: on pictures are moulds in NEW condition. 

Moulds have larger radius on edges compared to original PP moulds in download kit. Parts are CNC machined from Al alloy in Czech Republic. For production you will need injection machine.

Suitable for plastic with high melt flow index - I use only PP (shredded buckets). Difficult to make from HDPE bottle caps.

Part weight 135g. (extended barrel for injection machine is recommended).

You can see assembly process of dome construction with timelapse HERE.

Watch animation of moulds assembly and behind scenes of machining HERE.

For assembly you can follow original PP step by step tutorial: How to build a geodesic dome

Boost you recycling business with geodesic dome construction which offers many applications. Development is an open source and everybody can download models of joints, moulds and blueprints for free from Plastmakers Starter pack.

Total weight of 2 moulds with fasterners is approx. 11.5kg

Contact me for more shipping options.

After delivery of your moulds I am available to consult with you production process.


Country of Origin:
Czech Republic
Dimensions :
Weight (KG):

Item location

Czech Republic:
  • Prague
  • 3-5 business days
  • Free
  • free pick up in Liberec

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Purchased a set of compression molds as well as a custom design which was made and shipped fast with no problems!

Good price and high quality products!

Thank you!!
Really great feedback, a lot of tips and fast production. Thank you once again Tomas!
Moule très soigné et très bien découpé. Hâte de l'essayer! Merci Tom!
Great machine, great service. I got a photo in advance to have a look, which is a great thing.

All edges are rounded to avoid injuries, the coating looks smooth.

Experts at work, thank you a lot.
I bought the clock- and clipboard compression mould. Both moulds are really well made and work perfectly. I also received a how to use video for the molds by email. Great customer service too. I can absolutely recommend it.
Tom set up shipping to Canada for me, and disassembled the clocks that I ordered so that shipping would cost less and they would arrive safely! Very lovely colours, and high quality detail in the molded parts!
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2 used injection moulds for GEODESIC DOME CONNECTORS

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