We can design and manufacture a mould that makes parts out of your idea. We have years of experience in injection mould design and manufacturing. Our focus is on moulds for prototyping and small series manufacturing (<5000 parts) - mostly for manual injection machines of all types.

Please contact out to us via [email protected] for a feasibility analysis of your project or any open questions!

Product Design

  • Ideation and Concept Development
  • Concept Sketches
  • CAD Modelling
  • Rendering
  • Engineering of functional elements
  • Full process with design for manufacturing in mind

Mould Design

  • Feedback of feasibility about your part design prior to the project start
  • Design the mould so it meets your tolerance requirements up to 0,1mm
  • Planning of the gate locations with the aesthetic appearance of the material flow in mind
  • Pressure estimation for a successful injection based on your machine
  • Designed to work with your individual machine
  • Ejection process is planned ahead
  • Gates designed for an optimized cycle time
  • Thermal production considerations towards an optimized cycle time
  • Adjusting the tolerances to make multiple components fit together (incl. testing)
  • Side sliders possible

Mould Manufacturing

  • Highend CNC machining only
  • Use our special set of mould accesories to ensure a long lasting mould
  • Fast mould clamping saves you up to 50% processing time
  • Post processing via glass bead blasting to industrial standards
  • After sale service for fixing process issues

Part Manufacturing

  • up to 280g part weight
  • Self developed semi automatic machines
  • Masterbatching to target color specification
  • Full tracking of plastic origin
  • Ready for sale parts
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We always enjoy working with Fritz! Excellent quality, fast shipping, and clear communication. Thanks for helping us make a custom soap mould for project in NYC :)
Top quality mould. Used it in a project in Jordan and worked incredibly smooth with excellent outcomes. Vases look incredible. Client loved it ♥️
Mould is really well realized.
delivery is a bit long but I get messages to inform about the delivery time and it has been respected.
Good communication from seller and product conform with the expactation.
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