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Our mission is to create affordable and safe access to low-tech plastic recycling experiences and show the utilisation potential of plastic waste. With our machines and services we equip creatives, makers and professionals for the design and series production of product batches from recycled plastic. Our product line and services cover all central steps of the recycling process, starting from designing of moulds over granulating plastic waste into flakes to the thermal transformation into new products.

Button Mould D: 15 mm - Description

Suitable size for most shirts. 

Plastic per mould: 15 g
Products per mould: 10
Plastic per product: 0.7 g
Size product: D: 15 mm H: 2.5 mm
Size mould: L: 13 cm W: 12 cm H: 4 cm
Weight mould: 1.7 kg

Workflow: (4) from (5) 


The "workflow" indicates how fast the handling of a form is in the work process. This includes the time for opening and closing the injection mould as well as demoulding the injected part. 

(1) from (5)  very slow – not efficient for serial production
(2) from (5)  slow – depends on the product if it is cost efficient for serial production
(3) from (5)  medium – ok for serial production
(4) from (5)  fast – good for serial production
(5) from (5)  super fast – excellent for serial production

For Workshops we recommend using moulds with a workflow of at least (3) or even (4) workflow points.

Please note: Our machines are designed to work with a unique nozzle and spring clamp system which is why this mould does not fit standard precious plastic nozzles. 

If you're working with a machine that has a 1" barrel with male thread we recommend our 'Injection nozzle' (€ 50 net) together with a car jack application system. 

Material specifications: 

There are all kinds of different plastic types out there. We designed our machines to work with HDPE, PP, PS, LDPE, PLA, AB and TPU. They are quite common, easy to recycle and safe to use. Different plastic types must never be mixed as this will result in a significant decrease in quality standards and make it very difficult to recycle them in the future. 

If you are looking for other moulds or CE-certified machines with which to recycle - please click here


To see our machines in action please have a look at the videos below: 


Motor-powered Granulator & Injection machine

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L: 13 cm W: 12 cm H: 4 cmCM
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Epic company, keep it up!
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Button Mould D: 15 mm

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