3D Model (CAD) of Mold for Recycled Skateboard Rails

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This is the mold design for recycled skateboard deck rails. Deck rails have been used by skateboarders since the 80’s to help slide better on handrails, coping, curbs, etc., and to protect board graphics. With this mold design, you can get started making your own recycled deck rails.

Once your order is placed, I will email you the file in three different formats. You can take this file to any CNC machinist, or better yet, whichever mold maker you can find on the Precious Plastic Bazar that’s closest to you geographically. If you want to buy the mold itself, that can also be found on my seller page on the bazar.

Check out the How-To that I put together on Precious Plastic’s community site for all the resources that you’ll need to start making these recycled skateboard deck rails yourself: https://community.preciousplastic.com/how-to/skate-rails...

The plastic overproduction/pollution problem is far too big for any of us to get greedy. So if you want to use my mold design, but can’t afford the cost, let me know and we can figure something out. I want this to be accessible for everyone.

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