Quality Engineering, Quality Laser Cut Parts - produced for a high customer requirement - Kit form or Built By ModulardesignPP. A nice clean end product - Another Very Affordable Gift Idea for Display Use. 

Modulardesignpp have improved the laser cut process with  smart design and now fold the built/welded version of this project to maximum quality. The original laser cut kit is costed and will be sent if you require to build this project at low cost yourself. The new folded 3mm bowl is folded, built and welded by Modulardesignpp for the community.

The original 3mm bowl is in kit or built as required.

The new smart design is laser cut, folded and welded for improved smart design.

After watching this video you should understand the basics of how to build and then produce with this 3mm bowl Lasercut mold. You can reproduce the bowl over and over for personal use or resale into the world of recycled need. During the video, you will fully understand the heat and compression process with the outcome/satisfied production of this beautiful recycled bowl -Enjoy.

Nov 2022 - We upgraded the 3mm bowl design for the community with two part process of laser cutting, then folding and less welding required on the built version only. If customers have fold capability, we are happy to cut and ship the new design. Please message.

The original Laser cut hex bowl is shipped as a complete kit for you or Modulardesignpp are happy to fold and weld this complete new design bowl kit for you to suit your project needs. The original design of 3mm bowl will be shipped as the kit version and is also available to build. Message for your interest please. We are here to serve you as the community.

Please message your location to be added to the shipping list, if you do not see it listed in the shipping section or find you cannot order due to location issue. 

Please check your shipping Destination. Modulardesignpp are going all we can to keep the price low. Certain (WorldWide) international customers may find that imported goods could be subject to import/customs duties (DAP). please check your location.

Country of Origin:
Dimensions :
210 mmCM
Weight (KG):
3.6 welded. - 3.4 Kit.KG

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United Kingdom (Great Britain):
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Excellent services. Very fast response.
A fantastic product machined to exacting levels of accuracy. Great communication and assistance throughout the process. Arrived well packaged and in great time. Would definitely recommend to buy from the team.
Very Quick to respond to questions; knowledgeable about shredder construction and parts sourcing; Order shipped quickly and delivered in perfect condition. They are a very good asset to the PP community.

I highly recommend!
very Happy with my purchase, very reasonable price, quick shipping. Seller answered all the questions I had.
Purchased a shredder body and duct from alana and reading shredding , very professional , kept up to date every step of the way , very hassle free. Would definitely recommend and buy again , goods nicely made and dispatched. thank you

oh and on time !!!
I purchased a shredder kit from Reading Shredder a few weeks back. I had no experience building a shredder, first time bazaar buyer and was a little skeptic about being able to gather all the right parts. Alana was great from the start, he answered all my questions pertaining about the kit and he gave me a bunch of building recommendation (motor type, coupling, etc)

He kept the me informed through out the whole process, from production schedule to shipping and receiving. The package had no delays with customs. No hidden fees, it was a pretty straightforward transaction.

The Shredder kit is great, built solid, it has all the parts. I’m currently in the middle of wiring it together. Hope to share and post final build.

I would recommend and will buy again from RS without a doubt. The customer service and open communication is priceless, it kept my anxiety down and has encouraged me to purchase from the PS bazar in the future.

Thank you Alana & Reading Shredder
This was my first experience buying off the Bazar and it was such a good one. They were so friendly and patient with the whole process. Shipping to Canada wasn't an issue at all! I would have no hesitation ordering from this seller again.
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Create a 3mm Beautiful Bowl Using a Laser Cut Twin Mold

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