Clock compression mould

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You can start recycling plastic waste into clock. I offer a steel CNC lasercuted mould. Design was tested on many prototypes and simply manufacturing techniques. For mould separation I use kitchen/ 2 stroke oil. You can recycle approx. 0,3kg of plastic material into this product.

On request I am able to CNC engrave your logo or text on plate. The mould is made in Czech Republic. It can be worldwide shipped on request.

I can provide you free 30 min online consultation with your production and give you few tips to save your time with learning and testing.


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Czech Republic
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Czech Republic:
  • Prague
  • 2-3 weeks
  • Free
  • Pick up is possible in Liberec for free.

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Germany: Free
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Tom set up shipping to Canada for me, and disassembled the clocks that I ordered so that shipping would cost less and they would arrive safely! Very lovely colours, and high quality detail in the molded parts!
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