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Megatec. Center is a company dedicated to the production and comercialization of plastic recycling machines, machine kits, parts, molds, accessories and recycled plastic creations.

The company was created in order to help people to recycle plastic in their homes, schools, offices, communities and more…

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I had been having many many annoying problems dealing with them since i bought stuff from them last year. Parts were incorrect or different from the descriptions despite me double checking things with them in our messages together like what phases electricity it ran on or the correct dimensions of the gearbox fittings, etc.. (like they also said these thing were in the USA and would be available quickly, but actually they were shipping from brazil, and parts were not ready like they said)
this was all very annoying, and made it so that i wasn't able to get all the parts together (even after order many replacement things from them, or making them myself) until this april.
I was willing to overlook all this because i know it can be hard to run a business, but When we finally had all the parts,and we turned on their electrical box they sold us one of the temperature gauges started going in reverse. I took a photo to send to them, and then something in the box exploded. I looked inside and one of the terminal connectors had arced and burned up.
I told them about this and that they probably installed their sensor backwards (AND OBVIOUSLY NEVER TESTED IT) and this must have caused something in the controller to ramp up current (thermal runaway) and blew up something inside.
Again, i was somewhat willing to overlook this as long as they recognized they screwed something up, and I communicated this to them and they suggested flipping the sensor that was going backwards. This is what i was going to do, but was happy to check with them. But then when i opened it up more to look inside i found much more troubling electrical work. Many leads were poorly insulated with bare (stranded) wires sticking out. I fixed these with heat shrink or electrical tape and got the whole machine working (and the sensor reading correctly).
but then the really bad thing happened. Maybe it was damage from the first internal explosion, or maybe it was something wrong with the controllers they wired up, but the whole machine was heating up like normal, but then started smoking. I measured the heaters and they were going to 350C. I turned on my phone to document and send to the company again when suddenly the whole thing exploded very violently. Luckily my arm only got singed a little bit, but if i was closer, or more flammable things were around this could have burned down the house or seriously hurt someone! You can see the whole video of this here.

I reported this to the company and told them this was super dangerous and they need to do better electrical work and test their equipment before sending out dangerously faulty machinery to people. I told them they needed to tell me how they were going to make this right or else i was going to publicly share this and report them, but then they stopped responding. so here we are. I would like a refund, but more importantly i want them to be CAREFUL.
Bought a V3 shredder through them last year. Wonderul machine to work with, well built and sturdy. Shipping time from Brazil to Miami was complicated due to pandemic situation but otherwise worth the wait.
very good !
Delivered as ordered. Thank you.

Awesome product!
Fits perfect and fast shipping

Everything looks great! Very good quality. Shipped fast as well. Excellent vender.
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