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Megatec. Center is a company dedicated to the production and comercialization of plastic recycling machines, machine kits, parts, molds, accessories and recycled plastic creations.

The company was created in order to help people to recycle plastic in their homes, schools, offices, communities and more…

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Everything was good ! Thanks
This is a lot of laser cut parts for a good price. The package got a bit banged up in transit so we had some filing to do to get the teeth all to mesh, but all in all, we're happy.
Shipping took a long time but we are very pleased with the product.
Things are good. Things had a pretty good fit overall. They included a few extra parts to help with the final fit and finish. Although some of the extra parts I could not possibly imagine how they would be used such as two extra cutting blades. But I am completely happy with the Materials provided.
Everything looks great! Very responsive.
Thanks for the quality parts.
good material
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