V3.3 SHREDDER BOX KIT ( Diassembly)

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Shredder V3.3 (Diassembly) kit, based on Precious Plastic design

We include;

* Laser cut pieces, in regular steel S235JR.

* 4 units M16 threads, made in the side plates.

* 1 Shaft according to Precious Plastic design, in regular steel.

* 2 Bearings, according to the specifications of Precious Plastic ( UCFL 206).

* Laser cut parts for sieve holder and sieve (sieve thickness 1.5 mm and D 8 mm)

* Screws and nuts.

All laser cut parts are made from S235JR structural steel.

If you want a variant with HB450 steel blades, to contact us, and we will made a quoation and delivery time.

This new version does NOT require welding (only for the mesh and mesh holder), and assembly is easier.

The pieces are supplied unfiled, so you will have to file them and adjust the pieces to the final size.

We have a manual with photos, plans, etc... to facilitate its assembly. ( Manual in English or in Spanish)

This new version presents the following improvements, compared to V2.1

* Welding is not necessary, so assembly is considerably simplified.

* More robust shaft, 36 mm hexagonal.

* More robust bearings. D 30mm.

* Shaft with key incorporated.

* Thicker side plates.

e-mail; [email protected]

discord; PPCapiSpain#0936


Kit para montaje de Shredder V3.3, basado en el diseño de Precious Plastic


* Piezas de corte laser para el montaje de la caja, en acero al carono S235JR.

* 4 uds Roscas M16, realizadas en la placas laterales.

* Eje según diseño de Precious Plastic, en acero al Carbono

* 2 Rodamientos, según las especificaciones de Precious Plastic ( UCFL 206)

* Piezas de corte laser para el portamalla y malla ( malla de espesor 1,5 mm y D 8 mm)

* Tornillería.

Todas la piezas de corte laser están fabricadas con acero estructural S235JR.

Si desea una variante con las cuchillas en acero antidesgaste, no dude en contactar con nosotros, y le indicaremos el precio y el plazo de entrega.

Esta nueva versión NO necesita soldadura ( sólo para la malla y el portamalla), y el montaje es mucho mas sencillo.

Las piezas se suministran sin limar, por lo que usted deberá limarlas y ajustar las piezas al tamaño final.

Disponemos de un manual con fotos, planos, etc... para facilitarle su montaje. ( Manuel disponible en Inglés o en Español)

Esta nueva versíon presenta las siguiente mejoras, respecto a la V2.1

* No es necesario las soldaduras, por lo que se simplica notablemente el montaje.

* Eje más robusto, hexagonal de 36 mm.

* Rodamientos mas robustos. D 30 mm.

* Eje con chaveta incorporado.

* Placas laterales más gruesas.

IVA y portes incluidos para España Peninsular. Para otros destinos, no dude en contactar con nosotros.

email; [email protected]

discord; PPCapiSpain#0936

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I've ordered the product and received it within a couple of days. Very fast delivery! I've tried every mould by now and they work like a charm. Thank you so much!
I just got mine last week and it’s great , and thank you for the great response
Good product, communicates well, value for pay.
Prompt delivery and excellent communication. Thanks a lot!
Colis arrive complètement défoncé et après le 5ieme essai la plaque inférieur à plié
Had a great experience. Seller was prompt and I had the package in the USA in less than 2 weeks. I ordered the A4 size. It came as described and works well.
I ordered the Mediteranian mould kit, arrived in about a week (to the Netherlands) with a little damage in the corners, nothing big or important. The flat sides were unscaved. After welding my nozzle to the top plate I was ready to play!
One thing to note, after pressing the 4th injection I noticed that the bottom plate bent out a bit from the pressure! So plastic came out from the sides. I plan on flipping the bottom plate and reinforcing it with a bit of angle iron. First results: @timmakes on instagram
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