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149 mm x 149 mm

Thickness = 1,5 mm

Diameter = 8 mm

Regular Steel.

Orden 5 units and Safe money

Malla para Picadora

149mm x 149mm

Espesor de chapa = 1,5 mm

Diámetro agujeros = 8 mm

Fabricada en acero al carbono.

Ahorre adquiendo 5 unidades.

Contacte con nostros para presupuesto personalizado.

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I've ordered the product and received it within a couple of days. Very fast delivery! I've tried every mould by now and they work like a charm. Thank you so much!
I just got mine last week and it’s great , and thank you for the great response
Good product, communicates well, value for pay.
Prompt delivery and excellent communication. Thanks a lot!
Colis arrive complètement défoncé et après le 5ieme essai la plaque inférieur à plié
Had a great experience. Seller was prompt and I had the package in the USA in less than 2 weeks. I ordered the A4 size. It came as described and works well.
I ordered the Mediteranian mould kit, arrived in about a week (to the Netherlands) with a little damage in the corners, nothing big or important. The flat sides were unscaved. After welding my nozzle to the top plate I was ready to play!
One thing to note, after pressing the 4th injection I noticed that the bottom plate bent out a bit from the pressure! So plastic came out from the sides. I plan on flipping the bottom plate and reinforcing it with a bit of angle iron. First results: @timmakes on instagram
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