Shredder shaft, stainless, machined, with keyseat

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Shaft for the shredder to be used with a 20 mm rigid coupling (not included) and a 6 x 6 x 20 feather key (one included)

Machined from a Hex Stainless steel 303 bar. Different dimensions can be machined per request, please get in touch at [email protected]
Delivery to UK included, 20 € for Europe.

I personally donate part of my profits every month to Precious Plastic (plus other environmental / social causes) so if you buy from me you'll be supporting them too! :)

Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
Dimensions :
27 mm A/FCM

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United Kingdom (Great Britain):
  • Horley
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  • free to collect from London/gatwick

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United Kingdom (Great Britain):
The part fits as a glove and is of outstanding quality.
A big thumbs up from a 200% satisfied customer !!!
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