Industrial Shredder from Precious Plastic - Laser Cut STAINLESS STEEL Parts - does not include shaft, bearings, nuts & bolts or sieve.

  • This version of our shredders parts listing has all stainless steel parts
  • This is the Basic machine not the Pro version.
  • These parts are straight off the laser cutter. They will require some sanding/filing, milling the knives & fixed knives to length, countersinking for the bearing bolts and finally welding together once fully assembled.
  • Access to a milling machine is recommended for the blade length adjustment and the countersinking.
  • Sheet metal parts may be undersized or oversize on the thickness, that is why the total length will need milling down.
  • We include extra knife & fixed knife in the case of it being undersized you can use the extra to make up the missing size then mill down to correct length for the whole stack.
  • Great quality laser cutting.
  • All pieces are according to the precious plastic drawings.


3mm: 3042B Stainless Steel
5/6mm: 304HR Stainless Steel

Built dimensions approx

Internal Dimensions (full inner area)

External Dimensions (including bearings but not shafts)

This shredder design uses hex shaft 27mm A/F 318mm length (for double ended shaft) NOT INCLUDED

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Check out the precious plastic project for more info -

This project is available thanks to Dave Hakkens & The Precious Plastic Community

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Industrial Shredder (Precious Plastic) - Laser Cut Stainless Steel Parts V2.1 Basic

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