Shims for Precious Plastic Basic Shredder V2.1 Builds.
20mm Bearing Bore / Shaft Size.

Ensure your shredder is running smoothly and safely with adequate spacing for the blades & fixed blades.
Also ensure your blades & shaft spacers are tightly compressed between the bearings to stop anything from moving and causing a blade to fixed blade crash.
Shims are made according to precious plastic drawings.

Material - Cold rolled 0.5mm steel (CR4)

Pack options  -  
2x 0.5mm Knife Spacer Shims(27mm inner hex), 
2x 0.5mm Fixed Knife Shims,
2x 0.5mm Shaft Spacer Shims(20mm inner dia.)

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2x V2.1 Shredder Shims 0.5mm - For Easier Building A Smooth Shredder

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