Lasercut V3.1 Shredder kit - 2021 - 6mm plates with 8mm Bearing mounts and shaft.

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Kit Parts shown are straight off the laser cutter. They may require some sanding/filing down the knives & fixed knives for best operation of build, Tap required for the bearing bolts and finally welding box sections together for the complete fabrication of this build. The main Plates and bearing mounts are welded for you as part of the kit.

If interested Parties wish to purchase more than a single item as advertised. An agreement of order cost reduction will be most welcome to discuss and implement.

This V3.1 Kit is updated 2021, Allowing operational strength to correct known past version issues. This shredder kit is of strong and British sourced durable fabricated materials.All kit pieces are according to the precious plastic design and open source. Teeth and fixed teeth are made from 304 stainless steel (5mm) and the rest of the build is mild steel laser cut plate.

This kit will be packaged to allow those that feel they have a building ability to fabricate and complete the unit at a cost that suits your budget to enter the recyling community. It is therefore left for the enjoyment of the purchaser to become part of your own build.

1 x Hexagonal 304 stainless Bar turned to slide fit UCFL206 30mm bearing fitment both end with 8mm keyways. 350mm in length.

UCLF 206 x 2, 30mm bearing for shaft are NOT INCLUDED.

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Thank you for your interest V3.1 has been Kindly shared within the open source community. Upgraded PP v3 shredder.

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Reading Shredding turned around my '21 Shredder with safety hopper' order in quick time, everything arrived in perfect condition with surprisingly affordable shipping to the USA. Very handsome box, great communication, I certainly hope to be a repeat customer in not too long.

Cheers and thanks!
very happy with my shredder, Alana is very professional.
I strongly recommend is work and in the future I will make more purchases from this seller
Shredder looks great! Fast shipping and kept me updated throughout the process. Thank you!
toujours pas de collie et ups me demande Des frais d’importation s’appliquent à ce colis. combien ????? sa fais 3 fois que sa dit reporter et reporter
My build came as stated and of high quality Alana stated. I will remain in contact with her company in the future. She has excellent comms and took me all along the process without an issue. great to deal with this lady.
My shredder, hopper, and sieve arrived in good condition and everything looks good. Alana has been most helpful at all stages. I am so grateful for the work Alana put in to this project. Thank you.
Alana is the REAL DEAL. She was very helpful in getting a shredder of my specifications and budget delivered to me in Ghana. She communicated every bit of detail until the shredder was delivered. I highly recommend Alana.
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