All Stainless steel Shredder V3.1 build with Safety Hopper.. Bearing mount plates for improved operation. 5mm sieve included.

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All stainless steel V3.1 Shredder With Hopper Update includes 5mm sieve. 6mm plates and 8mm bearing mounts, designed to increase strength.

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V3.1 stainless steel Shredder shaft is designed allowing double coupling effect at both ends. Included are 2 high quality UCFL 206 30mm self lubricating bearing's. The shaft is of stainless steel hex stock. shim spacers are to very close tolerence to bearings, teeth and shaft requirements of operation.

V3.1 build comes with improvement's above and also Improved design of bearing mount plate for increased strength,. This updated design is due to specific known issues from previous version designs that had been in operation. Observations and recorded information from users to design engineer's noted, "improvement was needed to serve the customer base with a fully reliable product of open source availability."

The stainless steel V3.1 shredder with stainless steel safety hopper you order - one cost to full operation. assembled and shipped as all components are fabricated to position and tested before making available to customers with all parts and box sections welded for you during our fabrication. This product is Laser cut to very high standard, cleaned and ready for you to get operating in a short time period. All Shredders are fabricated with welding process undertaken to British Standard BS4872 in stainless steel core wire.

Hopper is high quality laser cut stainless steel sheeting, designed to maximize safety operation due to a directed and contained down flow. Always maintain safety in all operations is the key to continued success.

Please be informed that Motor is not included and perspex window is not included with this design.

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Thank you for your interest V3.1 has been Kindly shared within the open source community. Upgraded PP v3 shredder.

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This was my first experience buying off the Bazar and it was such a good one. Alana was so friendly and patient with the whole process. Shipping to Canada wasn't an issue at all! I would have no hesitation ordering from this seller again.
Very happy with my all stainless steel 3.1 shredder. Exactly what we wanted with quick, efficient, helpful and high-quality work.
Much appreciated!
Thanks Alana
I have just received my order, a '21 Shredder with safety hopper' and am very pleased. Alana has been fantastic to deal with, taking the time to explain the process and send links for other items that will enable the shredder to be motorised. Highly recommended.
Reading Shredding turned around my '21 Shredder with safety hopper' order in quick time, everything arrived in perfect condition with surprisingly affordable shipping to the USA. Very handsome box, great communication, I certainly hope to be a repeat customer in not too long.

Cheers and thanks!
very happy with my shredder, Alana is very professional.
I strongly recommend is work and in the future I will make more purchases from this seller
Shredder looks great! Fast shipping and kept me updated throughout the process. Thank you!
toujours pas de collie et ups me demande Des frais d’importation s’appliquent à ce colis. combien ????? sa fais 3 fois que sa dit reporter et reporter
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