Shredder (v3.2) & Extrusion (v3.2) - Combo 'Zoe'

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Extrusion & Shredder Combo 'Zoe'

This is our best seller. It comes with auto-reverse and lots of safety functions.

Type: Combination (Shredder & Extrusion)
Version: 3.3
Status: Mature
License CERN Open Source Hardware License
Authors PlasticHub S.L. PrecisousPlastic - Eindhoven Dan Shirley - Timberstar
Weight 110 kg
Blade width 6 mm
Voltage 220V | 380V
AMP 7.8A
Nominal Torque 240 Nm
Output Speed ±70 r/min





Part Nr. Description Configuration
1 Controller Hal9000 Advanced | Auto-Reverse | Auto-Stop
2 Shredder Hopper 2mm Stainless | 40 cm high
3 Extrusion Basic (v3.2)
4 Motor 2.2KW | 1480 RPM | 220V or 380 V
5 Reducer MRV90 1:30
6 Couplings Custom Jaw Spider & Rubber filling
7 Legs 40 x 40 mm | 20 cm long
8 Shredder Upgraded v3 Shredder | 32mm hexbar | 30mm shaft - keyed
9 Extrusion Hopper 2mm Stainless | Window | Quick-Release | Cooling-Ribs


  • Safe hopper – with optional door.
  • Precise auto-reverse when jamming.
  • Status lights : Ok & Error
  • Emergency and reset button
  • Various motor protections (thermal & magnetic).
  • Jam detection for extrusion mode
  • Record and replay extrusion times
  • Rigid, flexible and modular framework – enabling hacking and extensions. The base plate is 15 mm thick.
  • The legs have M10 threads on each end so you can connect levelers or wheels. The legs have also extra holes to install easily extra sheets all around.
  • Extrusion hopper can be easily detached.
  • Thermocouples (sensors) have clips, easy to detach.
  • Stops automatically after one hour of inactivity.
  • Quality cables and wiring according to industrial standards.
  • Precision mounts for shredder & extrusion, making sure everything is aligned perfectly.
  • Strong 32 mm hexbar and 35 mm driveshaft
  • Compression screw
  • Industrial controller

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Fast execution of the order. All is going well so far.
Machines were as described, communication was excellent and additional support was given.
Things went good, despite unforseen shipping issues on the postal service’s part. We had a running dialogue throhought the proccess - look forward to assemble the machine and try it out!

Communication was perfect, profesional, and also Machine arrived in perfect conditions.

Thank you.

Gunter was very welcoming and helped me through it. I havent tested the machine at home yet and I will keep in touch with him as I do it.

So far I am very happy with the service.
Superior injector, waaaays better and more powerful than regular PP-injector.

Shipping went well, easy assembly and super support from Guenter who built the injector. Would recommend to anyone injecting plastic
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