This 21 blades XL design is much easier to maintain or service during downtime. The V3.3 XL has never been so simple and accessible.

- Shaft is now at 30mm for extra strength, plus torque requirements, thus allows for higher powered motor attachment.     

- Shaft is Keyway milled to allow for coupling 8mm key slot. 

- This new V3.3 21 blades design has thicker Steel Plate. (Used to be welded 3mm, and 4mm, 6mm plates. Now it's 10mm and 5mm and 4mm for increased strength, reliability of operation)  

- The XL has extra strength incorporated by design of centre brace position to further increase frame strength.

 - The 21 blades shredder box is designed to be clamped/compressed together with positioned tabs plus M10 threaded rod, where as before on the old designs it was welded at many points.  

 - Only the sieveframe/mesh is Pre-welded. The sieve has been fully re-designed to allow ease of handling and fitment into the granulation area.  

- The 21 blades shredder is designed for production of higher rate granulation per hour than the V3.3 basic. 3 cutting blade on each rotating tooth x 21, allows for 3 cuts per rotation, this 3 blade design increases granular cut per hour.

- The V3.3 XL sieve frame can now be fitted with a micro switch, thus preventing rotation of teeth if the sieve is removed from the V3.3 shredder box area.  

- V3.3 XL complete sieve assembly is much stronger with safety as a factor for operators.   A Handle is also within the design factor of  the sieve frame.  

- Welding carried out to BS4872 certified Standards.   

- Hopper is extra purchase and shipped free with shredder XL - Material - Galvanised steel of 1.5mm.

What's Included in this 21 blade XL build V3.3 ?

- Complete Assembled - Fully Built, Ready to Ship. 24KG.  
- 30mm Machined Hex Shaft with 8mm Keyway for Coupling Fitment.
- Pre Welded Sieve and Mesh (5mm round mesh holes).
- All Nuts & Bolts plus washers. M10 Threaded Rod.
- High-Quality UCFL206 Dunlop Flange Bearings. Pre greased.
- Fibre laser cut mild steel parts of high quailty tolerance.

V3.3 New Version Shredder machines are designed towards a modular format, allowing customers to de-assemble or re-assemble as simply as a small IKEA flat pack process.

Discount is available if you would prefer to assemble from kit. ModulardesignPP can send it in parts for you to assemble. all parts required to build the complete V3.3 XL mild steel Shredder as seen above. Message for much lower cost as kit form. Thank you.

Extras to Purchase : 

Galvanised Steel Hopper designed to compliment the V3.3 XL Shredder. The lid of this design allows for a pressure rod to be used to maintain downwards pressure on materials being shredded. The perspex Hopper window is not included.

Tools required to Assemble or Disassemble the V3.3 XL.
- M14 socket and wrench.
- M10 socket and wrench
- Pair of grips or mole grips.
- Adjustable spanner suitable for M10 nuts
Hexagonal key of 3mm for bearing set screws.

V3.3 XL is that simple to build or maintain.

Assembly manual available. Please message.

if you require international shipping not listed, please message to allow assistance to your location. Customs Duties and tax may be added to the citizens of certain countries around the world. Please be aware when ordering. Modulardesignpp does not pay the customs duties on shipped items.

The XL can be configured/built to accept 8mm and 10mm teeth Shredder/Crusher requirement. Please message for operational interest. Laser cut 8mm and 10mm sets available to purchase from modulardesignpp.

Thank you


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Purchased a shredder body and duct from alana and reading shredding , very professional , kept up to date every step of the way , very hassle free. Would definitely recommend and buy again , goods nicely made and dispatched. thank you

oh and on time !!!
I purchased a shredder kit from Reading Shredder a few weeks back. I had no experience building a shredder, first time bazaar buyer and was a little skeptic about being able to gather all the right parts. Alana was great from the start, he answered all my questions pertaining about the kit and he gave me a bunch of building recommendation (motor type, coupling, etc)

He kept the me informed through out the whole process, from production schedule to shipping and receiving. The package had no delays with customs. No hidden fees, it was a pretty straightforward transaction.

The Shredder kit is great, built solid, it has all the parts. I’m currently in the middle of wiring it together. Hope to share and post final build.

I would recommend and will buy again from RS without a doubt. The customer service and open communication is priceless, it kept my anxiety down and has encouraged me to purchase from the PS bazar in the future.

Thank you Alana & Reading Shredder
This was my first experience buying off the Bazar and it was such a good one. They were so friendly and patient with the whole process. Shipping to Canada wasn't an issue at all! I would have no hesitation ordering from this seller again.
Very happy with my all stainless steel 3.1 shredder. Exactly what we wanted with quick, efficient, helpful and high-quality work.
Much appreciated!
I have just received my order, a '21 Shredder with safety hopper' and am very pleased. They have been fantastic to deal with, taking the time to explain the process and send links for other items that will enable the shredder to be motorised. Highly recommended.
Reading Shredding turned around my '21 Shredder with safety hopper' order in quick time, everything arrived in perfect condition with surprisingly affordable shipping to the USA. Very handsome box, great communication, I certainly hope to be a repeat customer in not too long.

Cheers and thanks!
very happy with my shredder, Alana is very professional.
I strongly recommend is work and in the future I will make more purchases from this seller
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V3.3 XL 21 Blades Shredder - Mild Steel - 5mm Sieve

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