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Very Affordable Basic Shredder, - Set of 14 x 5mm shear 2 or 3 cutting blades choice for those operations that need Shredding. Complete kit to be built with ease by you, shipped to your location. 

One Motor/Gearbox Combination Cost
32mm keyway Hex Steel Shaft is turned 30mm for extra strength, for low speed, (50 - 70 RPM) high torque requirements, allows for higher powered motor attachment, 
Steel Shaft is Keyway milled to allow for coupling 8mm key slot. Modification of the new V3.3 shaft is cost affective.  

We know shipping is important to you:

Guaranteed trustable Quality shipping service at the cheapest cost available on precious plastic website to the community with included shipping protection, email updates on tracking, signature release at your location and most important a very reliable, trusted service. When we pack it, we protect it all the way.

V3.3 design is much Stronger than all previous versions of the PP shredders, Much easier to maintain or service during downtime. The V3.3 has never been so simple and accessible.

Click on this link to see the simplicity of assembly.

The new V3.3 design has thicker Steel Plate. (Used to be welded 3mm, and 4mm, 6mm plates. Now it's 10mm and 5mm and 4mm and 3mm tab fit sieve frame for increased strength and reliability of operation. V3.3 is Tab slot design for ease of community building.

V3.3 Modular shredders are designed to be clamped/compressed/Bolted together with positioned tabs plus M10 threaded rods which are included. We clean, belt sand and inspect (prepare your shredder) all required faces of the build before shipping. All you need to do is unbox, build the shredder in a very short time frame.

14 blade V3.3 basic Dimensions: Shaft length 300mm X 210mm (wide) X 145mm (High) Box Cutting Area: 138mm x 149mm

The Sieve frame/6mm mesh is Pre-welded for you by Modulardesignpp (we do the welding before we send it out to customers). The sieve has been fully re-designed for safety plus to allow ease of handling and fitment into the granulation area.  Welding carried out to BS4872 certified British Standards.  

Sieve assembly is much stronger with safety as a massive factor for operators.   A Grip Handle is added to the sieve frame underside for added safety. The advancements of the design make fitment so much easier and safer for the community.


What's Included ?
- 2 or 3 cutting bl[email protected] - 14 blade shredder full Kit in a Box - Ready to Ship. 
- 32mm Machined Steel Hex Shaft with 8mm Keyway for Coupling Fitment. Shims plus extra shims included.
- Pre Welded steel Sieve and Mesh (round mesh holes) pre-tapped - just bolt the sieve into place. 
- Nuts & Bolts washers. M10 Threaded Rod.
- Quality UCFL206 Dunlop Bearings. M14 Bolts and washers, Bearings are Pre greased. 
- Laser cut steel parts of high quality. 

V3.3 New Version Shredder machines are designed towards a modular format, allowing customers to convert - de-assemble or re-assemble as simply as a small IKEA flat pack process.

Extras to Purchase : 

Galvanized Steel Hopper designed to compliment the V3.3 Shredder. The lid of this design allows for a pressure rod to be used to maintain downwards pressure on materials being shredded. The perspex Hopper window is not included. No extra shipping costs if purchased with shredder above. Flat packed for ease of shipping. all Pop Rivets included to build the hopper with ease.

Extra 8mm V3.3 sieve fully built and welded for Customers.

Well Designed and strong Crank Handle for light thin materials to assist with your V3.3 Shredder needs. The Crank handle comes with pre-welded Coupling to fit snug upon the shaft/Keyway of the Shedder unit. No added shipping cost if purchased with shredder above. 2 x Grub screws included to affix to shaft keyway slot.

Tools required to Assemble or Disassemble the V3.3.
- M14 socket and wrench.
- M10 socket and wrench
- Pair of grips or mole grips.
- Adjustable spanner suitable for M10 nuts
Hexagonal key of 3mm for bearing set screws.

Motor and Wormgear box are not included.
Superior choice of single phase 3kw 2800 motor with 40:1 or 50:1 wormgear/gearbox producing 56RPM and 70RPM shaft rotation and an excellent torque gearbox ratio for this shredder combination of 300 Nm on 40:1 - 380 Nm on 50:1 wormgear box.

Another option is 1440 motor with 3kw output.  20:1 wormgear/gearbox producing 72RPM on shaft rotation and an excellent torque of 300Nm. We are here to help your combination needs. Message us for your drive specifications.

LoveJoy L100 or L110 is the recommended Coupling pair with a spider shock absorber for Gearbox to Shredder shaft mating. Lovejoy coupling : Not included.

Instruction manual available on request.

Please message your location to be added to the shipping list, if you do not see it listed in the shipping section or find you cannot order due to location issue. 

Please check your shipping Destination. We are doing all we can to keep the price low. Certain (worldWide) international customers may find that imported goods could be subject to import/customs duties (DAP). We do not pay these fees. please check your location.

We operate a five Business days procedure. When counting “5 business days” we do not work weekends and seasonal national holidays. This means Moduardesign are open for the community from Monday till Friday and are closed on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays being rest days).

Thank you


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