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Shredder Kits


By: Precious Plastic Capi Spain

500.00 450.00
40X30X30CM, New
SHREDDER V3.3 BOX KIT Shredder V3.3 (Diassembly) kit, based on Precious Plastic design We include; * Laser cut pieces, in regular steel. * 4 units...
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United Kingdom (Great Britain)

By: Modular Design Precious Plastic

as aboveCM, New
This 21 blades XL design is much easier to maintain or service during downtime. The V3.3 XL has never been so simple and accessible. - Shaft is now at...
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By: Studio MBB

60x32x135 Built (80x50x45 kit)CM, New
V3.5 DIY Shredder Kit with premium parts 220VAC 10A, 2.2kW Plug and Play VFD 2.2 kW motor UNJAM FUNCTION / AUTOMATIC RETURN WHEN JAMMED speedcontrol +...
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