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Shredding machine designed to fulfill safety requirements and compact construction with sufficient performance for home/ community solution. Experience gained during testiong of the first shredder prototype was involved into construction of this new design. Steel parts has surface treatment to extend reability and anti corrosion protection. Machine is powered with 230V. Holes in sieve has diameter of 5 mm. Max. recommended material thickness for shredding is 5mm. Hopper has transparent polycarbonate portholes which allow user to see inside machine during operation. Frame, hopper and motor can be painted on request in different RAL colour (standard is black matte).

Electronic system consists of:

- total stop (safety button on top of the deck)

- main switch (on side of electro box)

- 2 safety switches (on hopper + on sieve) - when you open hopper or remove sieve, machine will not work

- ON/ OFF button

- regulation of shredder shaft speed by potentiometer (connected to frequency converter)

- AC motor has power of 2,2kW

Shredding performance was measured on prototype. Uncut footage can be seen here.

With sieve size 5 mm can user shread approx. 6 kg/ hour. Without sieve can be achived 28 kg/ hour. Operation without sieve is possible only is you use a cover (delivered on request) to ensure safe distance from moving blades. Shredding machine is made in Czech Republic.

With machine is delivered user guide written in English/ Czech language.

If you have questions, feel free to send me a message: [email protected] or you can follow Plastmakers on social media.


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