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We offer improved precious plastic shredder, made by professional engineers in our big factory. Have one on stock and it can be shipped the same day after payment. Feel free to contact on my whatsapp +79615245213

Have happy customers around the world , you may ask them about our reliability and the quality of our machines. All pictures and the factory with a man assembling injection are real ones ! our website

(also selling a set of 4 machines ) - our factory - our quality - our machines in Adidas commercial - our machines in Adidas commercial

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Roman was very helpful, ready to extend all possible help at any time. Initially I was not familiar with the operation and Roman would call up and check frequently to ensure that we operate the machine without any problems. The machines are excellent and the finishing is very good. Thank you very much Roman vfor all the support and your personal care.
I bought a whole set of machines (Shredder, extrusion machine, injection moulding and oven) from the seller and they work really very well. They are strong and the seller provided a lot of support. Both the seller and machines are very reliable
at the beginning i had some difficulties with the communication because my english is not very good. Roman was very patient with me :-) and helped me through everything. With us, the machine is almost daily in operation and works perfectly since commissioning.

This is also the reason why we bought more machines like the PETBOT and an injector machine.

You get all the information from him to operate the machine here in Europe, even according to the safety guidelines.

One thing I will do in the future from here because of customs take a shipping company from Europe.

conclusion: machine TOP, price performance VERY GOOD with 5 stars, communication Top ...Roman can also speak German ;-) Service even after the purchase first class

can only recommend him, thank you you do a great job just for beginners
We bought the v4 shreder and it works just amazing.
Robust, easy to operate, reliable and good looking machine.
With manual mode, forward and backward for jamed situations, also have automatic mode. The automatic mode works perfect and when we have a jam, machine auto stops, auto reverse, and auto starts again.
We bought this 4 precious plastic machines pack in March and can honestly say is the best deal you could make!
All machines look and work impeccably !

The seller also provides all sorts of information for you and helps you learn how to use and produce with the machines!

The greatest machine for anyone who wants to recycle PET bottles into filament for 3D printers. Works great and it s really easy to use.
We received ours in June and we haven t bought filament ever since.

A great investment! We recommend it to everybody !
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