Shredder Pro Laser Cut Parts

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You will receive all of the necessary parts to build the Precious Plastics v4 Shredder Pro box, not welded, unassembled.

This set is created in house and each kit is made to order. Estimated lead time for delivery 2-3 weeks.

Parts Included:

-All Plate parts, cut in hot-roll steel
-All blades, cut in prehardened AR steel
-Laser Cut mesh
-6 pcs. UFCL 209 Bearings

-2 ea. Hex Axles

Country of Origin:
United States
Weight (KG):

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  • One item: €200.00
  • Each additional item: €0.00
Please send me prices and total cost to ship presses, shredders ,extruded etc to Hawaii
Mahalo, ed frazer,
Recycle Hawaii,
Puna Precious Plastic
[email protected]
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