Mini Plastic Shredding Machine w/ motor, coupling, gear box + frame, 160mm shredder box.

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Shredder Specifications:

Precious Plastics Model Shredder, Made by verified PP Technician in France.

Complete shredder, shaft, bearings, and sieve.

Table and hopper included (as pictured).

5mm punch plate and bearings included (as pictured).

Separate bin for collecting pieces is not included.

shaft = C45

3mm thick parts = S235 steel

5&6mm thick parts = 304 Stainless steel.





Motor Specifications:

this motor has a 20%S3 service factor so this is not for a full day operation.

mainly sold for schools, 3d misprints, tests, fablabs...

20% service = 10 minutes per hour

i have shred 720grams of PP in 25 minutes.
plastic from vacuum cleaner case and Senseo coffee machine.

don't worry, it stops itself when being too hot.

you can restart when cooled down.

230v mono.
shaft speed 51rpm.
wired contol to ensure forward and reverse operation.
emergency stop.

coupling to suit shredder shaft & motor shaft.
the bolt may break when shredder is blocked or material being too hard.

this is fixed with stronger metal bolts added.

it has been working fine on my own shredder.

please check your shredding requirements.

*these machines are dangerous and must be used with personal protection equipment. the seller, FibreLab and manufacturer Crea-Cregy SAS could not be held as responsible in case of accident or injuries*

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Shredder + Motor + Coupling + Frame + Mesh

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