Shredder + Electrical Kit Neutral/FWD/REV + options(Motor/Gearbox/Chassis)

Please choose 8mm or 5mm punch plate with your shredder. 8mm for Compression or Injection 5mm for Extrusion
Let us know if you have a motor and gearbox or if you need one. if you have a gearbox, please confirm the shaft diameter to get you the appropriate coupling. Let's check specs together first !
Ready to drill and weld chassis
Dhould you need an additional punch plate, please choose.
In stock
Processing time and rates:

Basic Set consisting of :

1/complete shredder, shaft, bearings, and Punch plate (no hopper, no collection box)

Shaft = C45
3mm thick parts = S235 steel
5&6mm thick parts = 304 Stainless steel.


Maintenance, safety, and use instructions provided.

choose from the following option :

8mm or 5mm punch plate

(8mm for Injection or Compression machine, 5mm for Extrusion machine.)

2/Keyway on Shredder shaft

To fit the coupling on your shaft. 5x5mm keyway provided.

3/Flexible Coupling to connect your shredder to your motor.

choose the options of the flange bore, dépending of the motor you have (25mm fits the gearbox i offer)

4/Electrical control box consisting of :

-Closed cabinet

-Thermal protection 6A

-Commuter switch Reverse/Neutral/Forward in a separate box that you can fit close to the hopper.

-Emergency stop button

-Power cord

-2m cable to connect directly your motor, choose a single phase motor, with 2 condensator, 1.5kw.

-110 or 230V voltage.

-high voltage sticker

and the selectable options :

5/Optional Chassis

Cut to length.

Needs Drilling and Welding.

Able to accomodate an Onboard Injection machine from our shop.

no hopper, no collection box. (drawings provided)

6/Optional Motor and Gearbox

If you don't have a motor or gearbox, we can get one for you.

Input Speed : 1500RPM

Output Speed : 40-60RPM

Torque with 1.5kW motor = 234Nm

All in line with the shredder. Fits on the chassis without wedges.


Please check your customs regulation.
Sent with Invoice & CN23 customs declaration = more chances to arrive at final destination

should your destination not appear, drop me a message and i'll let you know the rate.

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*these machines are dangerous and must be used with personal protection equipment. the manufacturer Crea-Cregy SAS could not be held as responsible in case of accident or injuries*

Country of Origin:
Dimensions :
40x40x30 (2boxes) + 1 for ChassisCM
Weight (KG):

Item location

  • cregy les meaux
  • 1-2 weeks
  • Free
  • if you have a truck, you can come and pick it up !

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  • One item: €120.00
  • Each additional item: €0.00

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Commande rapidement expédiée et soigneusement emballée. Le moteur fonctionne à merveille. Merci!
We have had a really nice experience with Arnaud. The shredder that he his making is doing more than we expected and more than what’s described. With plastic properly cut off before or bottle lids, we could shred about a 1 kg in 15-20 mins.

On the top of it, you gonna find a after sale service that it is hard to find nowadays. Any questions will be answered within the day and if you have any problem he will do his best help you out.

Thank you Arnaud for participating in a good way in our experience.
Colis bien empaqueté, livré dans les délais, bonne communication.
Reste le déballage et le montage mais je suis optimiste au vu des commentaires...
Super! Fiable. Bonne communication. Livré dans les temps. Produit robuste. Merci!
Communication was superb! The shredder arrived well packaged and we've already set it up and shredded up some plastic! Works very well! Thanks Arnaud!!
The best customer service I have experienced. He is very friendly and really wants to help you.
Available for any explanation at the beginning. He followed with some pictures of the product during preparation. Very honestly also with shipping rate and payment. Package arrived quickly. No problem. Simply perfect!
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