Our Pro series machines provide an advanced set of high-power machines for your industrial plastics recycling needs.

All machines ship tested and complete. For shipping considerations, the motor and hopper are shipped fixed to the floor of the freight shipment.  No welding or machining is required. Our updated electronic boxes can be set up in minutes and simplify lots of guesswork and problems when installing and operating the machine.

This includes pre-assembled modules that speed up construction and make a user-friendly machine that is safe and accessible.

For additional information, check out the Shredder Pro product page.

The Polyvora Pro Sheetpress is our derivative version of the Precious Plastic V4 Pro Sheetpress. We have edited the design to use equivalent imperial steel material sizes, and motors, and conform to common US and North American electrical configurations. We have also innovated upon the original machine designs to adapt robust extrusion and laser-cut steel reinforced frameworks, support rail, and US-compatible power and wattage.

Type: Double Shaft Shredder

Version: 4

Weight: 280 kg

Dimension: 1205 x 680 x 1500 mm

Blade width: 6.35 mm

Voltage: 240VAC

AMP: 22A

Monitoring interval time: 1h

Geared Motor: 60:1 helical reducer

Nominal Power: 4kW

Nominal Torque: 1600Nm

Output Speed: 15-25 r/min

Output kg/h (varies by material): 10-50kg/h

Minimum Service Factor: 1.5 (2,2kW) / 1.25 (3kW)

Country of Origin:
United States
Dimensions :
120.5 x 68.0 x 150.0 mmCM
Weight (KG):

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North America:
  • One item: €650.00
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  • One item: €650.00
  • Each additional item: €0.00

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Shredder V4.x - USA and International

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