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Upgraded v4 Shredder - The PlasticHub way :-)

Reserve your spot in our Sept. - October production. We planned 5 machines with various options. The price is low til November.

More design details and footage will be published in September. Please get in touch via email or Whatsapp to discuss your application.We offer various options.

Features / Details

  • Jam detection with auto reverse using industrial components
  • Motor overheat protection
  • Status lights : Ok & Error & Overload
  • Emergency button
  • Various motor protections (thermal & magnetic and built-in VFD protections)
  • Rigid flexible and modular framework – enabling hacking and extensions
  • Stops automatically after one hour of inactivity
  • High quality cables and wiring according to industrial standards
  • Modular and professional firmware. Please see Wiki for more
  • 3 Years guarantee
  • After sales service
  • Enclosure/Hopper : stainless
  • 4 different sieves included
  • Electronics is audited by a certified electrician & engineer
  • Extra sharp knives (Hardox450). The laser cutter has it quite hard to cut this precisely. We treat each blade on the manual mill for a sharp and correct/recommended twisted cutting edge.
  • All steel parts have a black oxide bath
  • As all our machines, we will add extra safety, comfort and max compactness
  • Modified stationary blades which prevent jamming as reported

Options (will change the price!)

  • Motor: 3-5 Kw - on request. 220V - 400V
  • Enclosure : 1. Full enclosure (Vending like machine) | 2.basic
  • Framework : 1. Benchtop (esthetic, safer, for schools and SMEs) or 2. mobile (for workshops, with wheels)
  • Auto-Shred : Shreds automatically and shuts down the entire system when hopper is empty again
  • Auto-Plunger : This option will detect a loaded hopper and uses an electronic plunger. Needs a full enclosure!
  • Blades : Stainless


  • Why is it so expensive ? The laser cut alone is 1500 Euro which is still a friend price (Hardox450 is really expensive to get and cut). The other metal related parts add another 1200 Euro The electronics is around 700 Euro and the motor another 800 Euro. This machine needs a lot of labor, especially all the extra safety. We produce this in a factory with proper equipment and as always, we do our best to get you the best price/value ratio. Consider still a very cheap starter price. Also, we produce mainly for educational contexts and small enterprises; each detail needs special attention but also higher quality components …
  • Can I have a refund when I am not satisfied ? Yes!

Product Resources

PlasticHub is a true PP Open-Source company. We upgraded most PP machines for various applications as well contributed endless support hours.

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Discord - Support Chat (pre-sales, community) | Telefon (Whatsapp, English, French, German, Spanish, Catalan)

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