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When I built my own injection machine I realised which parts were the most difficult to make. I decided to prepare a package ready to mount on frame and use as injection machine. The principle is the same as Precious Plastic machine = heat up plastic particles, and inject it inside a mould. Welding is provided by a profesional. Piston and barrel has black oxide coating to prevent rusting. An industrial heat insulation was used to prevent contact with heating elements. Hopper has powder coating. Electronics was designed to fulfill EU safety regulations according to new electro project. 4 heating elements. You can select temperature on 2 PID controllers. Made in Czech Republic.

World-wide shipping possible on request - please send me a message with your request. You can get 90 EUR back when black sheetmetal box back will be delivered back to Czech Republic. Or you can pick up this kit in Liberec (Czech Republic) for free.

Dimensions of parts are made according to Plastmakers open source development.

You can find more information about Plastmakers here.

DIY box includes:

- 1 electrobox with conected electronics inside

- 4 heating elements with total power of 4x250W

- 1 barrel with piston

- warning stickers

- user guide in English/ Czech language

- 30 min online support to consult your injection moulding production

How to unbox this DIY KIT?

1. unscrew 14x M6 bolts and open the box

2. unscrew 4x M6 bolts and remove electro box from sheetmetal

3. unscrew 2x M8-50 bolts and remove barrel with hopper from box

4. screw the same 2x M8-50 bolts on your injection machine frame

5. mount electrobox on your injection machine frame with 4 M6 bolts

6. insert piston into barrel and conenct fasterners between piston and lever

You can order a frame on floor/ wall too.


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Czech Republic
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I bought the clock- and clipboard compression mould. Both moulds are really well made and work perfectly. I also received a how to use video for the molds by email. Great customer service too. I can absolutely recommend it.
Tom set up shipping to Canada for me, and disassembled the clocks that I ordered so that shipping would cost less and they would arrive safely! Very lovely colours, and high quality detail in the molded parts!
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