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This machine works great! I have used this for over 1000 successful injections of HDPE and PP and it is still as strong as it was when I first got it! It uses 110 volt normal outlet. I upgraded the barrel with a tight insulation wrap and barrier, an additional heating element (5 heaters total) and added a stronger electronics box. It also includes a custom-made nozzle at the end which is easily removed - it is a tapered 1" to 3/4" double-female threaded coupling at the end of the barrel. There is one minor appearance defect, which is the piston part (the shiny metal plunger) has some scratches in the sides, but these were from using it early on - these scratches do not impact the function in any way and they only occured because we were putting to much speed / impact into pulling down the lever.

It is an excellent injection machine for recycling plastic at a small scale for anyone who wants to start recycling to recycle plastic at home or for a dave hakkens diy plastic entrepreneurial project.

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United States
Dimensions :
121 x 121 x 148 (in down position)CM
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I have worked with this seller before - they are very skilled and professional. They only get their machine parts from trusted sources like Precious Plastic USA or from the Precious Plastic core team, and they work very hard on what they do!
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