MultiMelt Machine, Extruder + Injector, + Shredder OR Oven Compressor

MultiMeltMachine with Oven Compressor, NO SHREDDER
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Once I'd made my first set of Precious Plastic Machines, I quickly realized they take up a lot of space between them all! So I designed a compact frame MultiMeltMachine that takes up half the space of the 3 incorporated machines, and as a bonus is more stable than any stand-alone machine, as the combination is heavier ;-) I also wanted to include somewhere to store all useful tools, small moulds, cleaning and maintenance stuff, etc, instead of having that stuff spread around the workshop, so I also included a small metal storage area - all in all a well thought out solution to smaller workspaces.

Compact Multi Machine based on easily transportable pallet sized (120cm x 80cm) frame, containing Extruder, Injector, and EITHER Oven Compressor system, OR Shredder, depending on your requirements. Frame has lowerable wheels for easier moving around the workshop (although should be used with wheels raised!!), and comes with an attached metal storage area, consisting of lockable drawers.

For transport purposes, the Extruder can be moved back so the nozzle is behind the nearest edge; during use will be moved forward to hang over the edge and have good clearance to the nozzle - and the Injector handle and injection bar have been carefully measured and cut so as to fit into recesses in the machine (screwed down) so they also do not pose a problem during transport.

Machines made under order, please give about 2 months for complete preparation of the frame and 3 machines to be integrated, sourcing the materiales here in Canary Islands take take a little longer than other places ;-)

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
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