Manual shredder and Lever injection machine in mini size!

Born to be free:

Ideal to take anywhere for educational presentations or recycling process demonstrations. Completely portable, the machines can be used manually on any table.

Small and super fast:

The shredder works ideally with bottle caps, showing the process while crushing and collecting the material in the small box at the bottom.

The injection machine has a capacity of 5 gr. of plastic. That is like a disc of 4 cm in diameter and 4 mm thick. And it can inject continuously in 2-3 minutes cycles.

A complete cycle of shredding 3 plastic caps (around 6 grams of material) and making one injection is 6 minutes.

Variable molds:

For the basic kit, the mold can create any flat silhouette within an area of 4x4 cm, with an engraving on one side. Please check this template. You can upload your silhouette and engraving designs and I will send back a proposal for your approval (it can be from a handmade drawing to a vector file). The mold can change its shape by changing the silouhette and/or the engraving parts. This means that you can make different products with some basic reassembly of the mold. For more specialized shapes, like non flat figures, we can develope the mold. I'll be happy to create the mold with you. Please contact me because there can be some price variations.

The quick connection mold is really easy to use:

Just insert the mold and turn the handle 45 degrees. After the injection, just turn the handle back and release the mold. You will need some basic side tools like pliers and a spatula for the demolding process.

Different types of plastic:

Works great with PP, HDPE and LDPE. Other thermoplastics that melt under 200°C may work too.

The basic kit includes:

   - All functional mechanical parts.

   - Bandheater that reaches up to 205°C (110Volts or 220Volts)

   - Temperature control electronics (110Volts or 220Volts)

   - Quick connection mold with flat silhouette(s) and engraving(s)

   - Injected product test/sample(s)

I'm open to create:

I'm an Industrial Designer passionate on handworking and creating new things. Please contact me for more information or ask for different specifications :)


Some import taxes may be charged according to current policies between countries and are not included in the cost of the product.

You can see the machine working in this video:

Country of Origin:
Dimensions :
Base: 30x30cm. General: 45x30x50cmCM
Weight (KG):

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Great communication, worked with me to make sure my order was going to fit my needs and made requested modifications to fit my machine and capabilities. I'll happily order again in the future
Good communication and quick turnaround! I have done business with El Tornillo twice and plan to again in the future.
This was my first ever order from the Bazar. El Tornillo answered every question I had.

The molds are well made, and arrived on the promised time.
Worked with El Tornillo many time through the years. Top quality work & machinery + excellent communication. Would always recommend ♥️
Really nice communication with El tornillo.
I have the chance to design the mould together with Andrés.
Mould is really operationnal even if finitions are not perfect (external)

I'm really satisfied of El Tornillo.
El Tornillo is amazing to work with; the flower pot mold arrived very quickly once shipped. The mold is very high quality and looks like it will last good long while!
Excellent seller, who send you an email at every step of the order. Excellent product. I will buy other stuffs for sure ! Thanks a lot.
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MINI Shredder and Injection Machine

El Tornillo
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