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Jesiah Stedman
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I make Injection Machines according to the Precious Plastic drawings with small modifications to make it easy to source and use in the U.S. The base price is a wall-mounted version with no base. (See variants for the option of adding a base.)

There are small modifications that make this machine easy to source and compatible with use in the US. Here are those specs specs:

-4 band heaters (110V), 2x PID controllers, 2x Power Chords, and pre-wired off the shelf electronics box that can easily open & close.

-Barrel: 1" interior diameter, 1.25" outside diameter

-Nozzle: 1" to 1/4" reducer

-Aluminum Funnel & Gloves for plastic in-feed.

-Paint: if you would like another color than black, you can simply let me know!

The lack of hopper is my modification to the PP drawings, and I've found it to work significantly better--it's cleaner and the structural integrity of the barrel is not compromised by cutting a hole into it like when adding a hopper (see last two pictures).

*Feel free to message me with any questions, desired customization, or for shipping information.

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Very well built and arrived quickly (for a made-to-order molding machine.) Seller was responsive, helpful, and even willing to do some small modifications that would have been difficult after everything was welded up.
Works great! Shipped out quickly. Built to PP spec (aside from the intentional exclusion of the hopper) and works as advertised. One thing to keep in mind is that these machines are just begging to be modified, especially if you are wanting to put high volume through these things. I would recommend that the seller offer the log splitter mod that is mentioned in the PP #build discord.
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