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Finally, the option to recycle plastic into 3D printer

filament is here! Convert your 1kg waste plastic into €15+ of valuable material.

This horizontal 3D printer filament maker utilises a custom built extruder with

interchangeable hopper (based on the PP V3 Extrusion Machine) it also features

a channel for cooling, a puller, and a spooler with traversing mechanism. The

system also includes a filament diameter sensor to accurately measure the diameter

of extruded filament to ensure it remains within tolerances expected of high quality

3D printing filament.

The 3D Filament Maker can create a full kilogram spool of PLA in 2.5hrs or 9.4kg if ran continuously for 24hrs. The diameter is monitored in real time over the entire spool with a variation of +/-4.6%. The machine uses a total of 0.24kWh for the whole process of making 1kg of filament. Thus, filament can be manufactured at very low costs as well as with a reduced environmental footprint.

For a limited time the first 5 pre orders get the full kit for only €1299 (Normal RRP €1699).


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Why are we running a Pre Order rather than selling? For us to offer the cheapest and best possible machine setup, we are wanting to bulk buy all the parts in batches. However, don’t worry this isn’t a Kickstarter campaign, we don’t need to hit a certain number of minimum sales to build one. If we can’t deliver, we will offer you a full refund!

This listing is for the build it yourself kit. In this kit you will be provided with all the parts and tools to build it yourself along with a detailed document explaining the build process. The build process is estimated about 5hrs.

If you are interested in a fully built kit then see this listing.

Note: You will be sent an invoice to pay the remaining kit in February once your kit has been fabricated and is ready to ship. If you wish to cancel your order, you deposit is non-refundable.

Your machine may have different features and design than the machines in the photos of this listing, including and not limited to electrical parts used, materials, function and colour.

Based on the Opensource Designs created by Aubrey L. Woern, Joseph R. McCaslin, Adam M. Pringle, Joshua M. Pearce.


Find out more about Recycle Rebuild: www.recyclerebuild.org

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