Extruder Pro Screw & Barrel Kit

"At RecoSolution, we invest in creating efficient, Compact & Robust machinery for recycling a sufficient amount of plastic waste."
Providing great services to our customers is our forte and mission. We provide complete technical support, installation, and virtual training for free upon receiving the machine. Along with this, an operating manual and additional 2 years of virtual maintenance are also given.

  • Main Components:
    1. Extruder Screw
    2. Extrusion Barrel
    3. Hopper
    4. 4 band Heater
    5. Electronic Panel Box (PID/SSR/Temperature sensor/power switch)
    6. Gear Box 70 RPM
    7. Motor 3 HP Single phase

  • Technical Data:
    • Frame MS, with EN41b Extrusion screw,
    • Designed as per precious plastic Pro design.

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:I bought V3 shredder from this guys, I like the support and training they provide virtually to run the shredder.

Service support is really appreciative.
Excited to work with you guys, very supportive team.
I purchased Extrusion screw Pro and Extrusion barrel pro a month ago.

It worked well.
They are offering the cheapest price with good quality sheets.
I was totally satisfied with their services.
I was completely satisfied with their product.
I had ordered Grey recycled plastic for my partitions at my house. It was perfectly fitted and the whole process was smooth and transparent.
I highly recommended this company
I ordered a recycled plastic sheet from these guys one month ago. Everything was perfect - communication, time delivering, final product. I can highly recommend
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Extruder Pro Screw & Barrel Kit

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