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Tabletop Extruder Pro V1.2 - CE Certified by PBS Machinery

PBS Machinery hereby presents a High quality tabletop version of the upcoming Extruder Pro version 1.2. It includes a non-standard tabletop frame with an ergonomic swiveling electronics box mount. The rest of the machine is conform Precious Plastics Standard including an upgraded bearing housing.

Product overview video:

Tabletop Extruder Pro V1.2 Overview video (Precious Plastic) - YouTube

Building kits and listings for individual assemblies soon to come!

Machine description:

  • Tabletop frame with swiveling electronics mount for ergonimics
  • CE-Certified electronics box
  • VFD controlled motor
  • Original 3 zone screw - 30 mm with standard tip
  • Fully assembled and tested
  • Supported nozzle
  • Reinforced and insulated hopper design
  • Custom Heaters, covering the complete barrel for optimal heat distribution. 3x 600W
  • Bayonette type thermocouples J-type
  • Includes documentation and CAD Drawings
  • Includes operation manual
  • Includes electrical schematics

Contact me directly for more information and options.

Type Single Screw, Tabletop Extruder Pro
Version Version 1.2
Weight +/- 80 kg
Dimension (L x B x H ) 1130 x 500 x 650 mm
Total Power (W) 4,8 kW
Voltage 400 Vac 3 phase
Current 16 A
Input Flake Size Small
Screw diameter 30 mm
Length of screw (mm) 790 mm
Effective screw length 600 mm
Motor Type Euronorm DS100M2/IEC/FF215/TF
Reductor type Euronorm Hypoïde JKM48B
Max. Motor and Inverter power 3 kW
E-motor torque @ 50 hz 10,1 Nm
Gearbox reduction 12,49
Motor efficiency 85%
Motorreductor efficiency 85%
E-Motor speed @ 50 hz 2840 RPM
Effective Screw torque @ 50 hz 90,6 Nm
Screw speed @ 50 hz 227 rpm
Motor shaft diameter 30 mm
Motor output shaft type Hollow
Heating zones 3
Heating power: max. 1,8 kW
Output [kg/hr] up to 15 (approximation)

Terms and conditions

  • Deliveries start mid. February 2022!
  • Prices are excluding VAT.
  • Extruder price is excluding shipping and packaging
  • Listed shipping price is for Netherlands only. Contact directly for prices outside the Netherlands
  • Delivery time may vary, contact for estimation
  • Standard colors are Black / metal / Yellow. Other (RAL) colors are optional
  • Molds / nozzles and/or dies are not included.
  • Contact directly for payment options
  • Fully assembled extruders are tested and calibrated in-house

Contact details

  • Company name: PBS Machinery
  • Contact name: Peter-Bas Schelling
  • Adres: Ceintuurbaan 15
  • Postcode: 8022 AW Zwolle
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone / whatsapp: +31650929866

Contact directly for quotations for spare-parts / special nozzles and other extruder related options

Country of Origin:
Dimensions :
113 x 50 x 65CM
Weight (KG):

Item location

  • Zwolle
  • 4-6 weeks
  • Free
  • Contact directly for shipping information. It may vary worldwide

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  • One item: €60.00
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