Frame for 3D Printed moulds

This frame allows you to use temperature resistant 3D printed moulds with an injection machine. Especially for prototyping the use of 3d printed moulds can save you time in the development process.

Due to the high price of 3D printing resin, all frames are custom made to your specifcation. Therefore the price will vary according to the dimensions.

It is made from two solid blocks with +10mm on each side of the frame. There is a hole in the back to make the exchange of inserts easier.

Product Size Custom Made
Min Lifetime 500 injections Order more mould adapters to increase the life time of the mould

Free Options

Injection Inlet G1/2 the screw connector for the PPv3 injection machine
16 x 45° Chamfer
NPT Thread Options see below

Please select according to your machine and specify after the order!

Extra Options

Option Price
Each Additional Mould Adapter 12€
NPT 1/2" Thread Adapter 20€

For the customization of the frame please send us a message with the inside dimensions or a CAD model of your insert to:

Country of Origin: Germany
International Shipping Price Includes: Shipping, local taxes may apply
Dimensions: custom
Material: 5083 Aluminium
Technique: CNC machined
Mould for: Injection machine
Listing created Feb 3, 2020

Public discussion (3)

Pablo V

15 days ago

I can't fully understand this item... Is this to make a block of plastic that you then scrape and engrave a mold in the inside?


15 days ago

@Pablo V

It is a frame for strengthen moulds from weaker materials such as 3D printed high temperature resin, silicon or other prototyping materials. Those materials might be not strong enough to withstand high injection or clamping pressure.

Pablo V

15 days ago

Oh wow... ok. That is useful... thank you!

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