The shredder with handle and sieve

The parts are one material, all parts are of regular steel S235 JR. The final set includes all components with laser cutting, two bearings and shaft. Just sent me a message and I will find the cheapest shipping price. Delivery time is the fastest, mostly 2-3 weeks.

All Laser cut regular steel S235 JR parts:

Sieve with 5 or 8 mm holes
Handle - 25 - 30 cm lenght
HEX shaft
2x UCFL204 Bearings
5mm perforated screen (cut to size)
Nuts and bolts

The shipping to:
Germany - 25 Euros
France - 32 Euros
Belgium - 32 Euros
Italy - 32 Euros
United Kindom - 32 Euros
US- 120 Euros

Country of Origin: Czech republic
International Shipping Price Includes: please ask for a shipping quote
Weight: 15
Dimensions: 35 x 20 x 20
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created Oct 20, 2019

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Matt B

3 months ago

Hello, how much for shipping two of these to Australia please.


Misbah M

2 months ago

Hi, is any welding needed to put this together or would I just need to screw in nuts and bolts?

Thanks in advance!

Jakub B

2 months ago

No, You dont need nothing :)

Andreas T

2 months ago

Hello Jakub as I understand this comes already assembled.How much will it cost with stainless steel knives?Thank you.Can I make an order for GREECE?

James M

1 month ago

Hello Jakub,

What's the torque on the turning mechanism? i.e. How hard is it to actually crush something like HDPE using the manual crank? Definitely something I'm interested in getting.


phil c

1 month ago

Is it manual? Do you have different sieves? I also want very fine sieve.

phil c

1 month ago

Can I use western union?

And please send me details of the recipient. Their full names and telephone numbers etc.


phil c

1 month ago

I have asked how i can send Monrovia western union, you did it answer me


22 days ago

My shredder arrived one month later then promised ,with missing manual handle screw .


Some of the blades are caching* each other making almost impossible to work this tool manually -whats was mine main ask btw.

Now,my message to you Jakub-clearly after the shredder assembly you must trying this tool how its works (the quality check we call )and discover that blades are struggling to work properly and yet....U decided to sent this to me after waiting two month for it ......I really don't recommend your services

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