Shredder Portugal (Porto)

Shredder ready in 3 weeks after request.

Steel version:

Laser cut (S235 Steel)
2 bearing housings
Shaft (CK45)
Welded and assembled for 375€.

Galvanized treatment for the final assembly (+30)

Inox version (375€+):

Inox laser cut (+75€)
Inox 304 shaft (+20€)

Ask me about the possibility to sell the whole machine (with motor and structure) or about other machines. I have experience in building machines, and i can do what you need by custom made.

Country of Origin: Portugal
International Shipping Price Includes: Almost all Europe
Weight: 16
Dimensions: 30x20x15
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created Oct 3, 2019

Public discussion (13)

Matt B

3 months ago

Hello, how much for shipping two of these to Australia please. (without bearing and assembly)


Pedro S

2 months ago

Hello. I already sended you a private message before. Can you tell me what city?

icci sl

2 months ago

Hola I'm in the Canarias, and interested in buying 3 shredders. This is for a proyect in a green center.

Do you have the rest, electronics and motor.

Thankfully Miguel

Pedro S

2 months ago


You want the structure too? Please send me private message.

My regards

Cristian A

2 months ago

Hola, que costo saldría enviarla a Costa Rica o Estados Unidos?

Regan B

1 month ago

How much to ship to New Zealand?

Alberto C

27 days ago

How much to ship to san diego california united states? thank you!!!

Merlin O

12 days ago

Hello, How much for send to Germany ?

Pedro S

11 days ago

Hello. Can you send your zip code in San Diego so i can give you a quotation?

Delgadinho M

5 days ago

Ola bom dia, temos um Stand de motas em portimao e gostariamos ser mais autonomos na nossa reciclagem por exemplo do plastico tem alguma maquina - Kit e valores? Contato 962836704 Moisés

Thermalys Canada

2 days ago

Hello Pedro, I would like to build the V4 of the shredder, so I will need two kits without side of course. Are you able to make side with four bearings and 2 axles ? How much to send to Louiseville, Quebec, Canada, J5V 2B4 ? (Unassembly). Thanks.

Thermalys Canada

2 days ago

Also I will need axles able to support an extra gear to be able to use a single motor for the two axles.

Pedro S

2 days ago

Hi. See the private message i sended to you.

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