Oinian Wall Clock

Oinian Wall Clock is a Combination between the art of recycle material with a refreshing handmade twist will suit your art and nature soul.

Diameter: 36 cm
Weight: 500grams
Red Wood
Plastic Recycle

*Made by request
*Shipping cost may change depends on country

Country of Origin: Indonesia
International Shipping Price Includes: US, Europe
Color: Dark Blue, White, Black, Green, White and Blue
Weight: 500 gram
Dimensions: Diameter: 36 cm
Source of plastic: Bottle Cap
Plastic type: HDPE
Made with: Compression machine
Production: Limited
Finish: High
Plastic type symbol: No
Listing created Sep 12, 2019

Public discussion (4)

Dorothea K

3 months ago

hey i am thinking about buying one of these lovely clocks. what colours are there exactly?


3 months ago

hi, Dorothea! The color available in white, black, dark green, and baby blue

mas Vio

11 days ago

Mas, bisa bikin mesinnya gak?

Btw, produk ini klo pake harga Indonesia, jd berapa?


10 days ago

@mas vio

kita pakai oven dan alat press terpisah, harganya 200 ribu mas

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