Laser Cut Steel Parts

Industrial Shredder from Precious Plastic - Laser Cut Steel Parts, does not include shaft, bearings, nuts & bolts or sieve. These parts are straight off the laser cutter. They will require some sanding/filing, milling the knives & fixed knives to length, countersinking for the bearing bolts and finally welding together once fully assembled.

Access to a milling machine is recommended for the blade length adjustment and the countersinking.

Sheet metal parts may be undersized or oversize on the thickness, that is why the total length will need milling down.
We include extra knife & fixed knife in the case of it being undersized you can use the extra to make up the missing size then mill down to correct length for the whole stack.

Great quality laser cutting.
All pieces are according to the precious plastic drawings.

Material -
3mm: Mild steel CR4
5/6mm: Mild Steel S275

Free Shipping within UK Mainland, or Collection, International shipping available withing the EU only.

Check out the precious plastic project for more info -

This project is available to all thanks to Dave Hakkens - the creator of the precious plastic project.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
International Shipping Price Includes: Countries within the EU
Weight: 11KG
Dimensions: 240x160x160
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created Aug 19, 2019

Public discussion (2)

Carlos A

4 days ago

good morning. My name is Carlos and I'm from Bolivia in South America. ok n my country I do not find a laser cutting machine that can cut the pieces of 5mm and 6mm. There is no machine here in my country I need your help to sell me the parts and send them to me by mail please I pay the shipping cost no problem for that. I look forward to your response. Correo:

Phil P

2 days ago

International Shipping to New Zealand, ?

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