Plastic Fabric Collection #001

Plastic fabric made with upcycled plastic bags found in Amsterdam. Each sheet is made out of 2-3 disposable bags.

This pattern was inspired in the ocean, as an awareness piece about the plastic crisis humanity is facing.

Let's get together to create massive awareness about this urgent issue our planet is facing! What could we make with this material?

This material could be used to create products using a sewing machine, laser cutter, vacuum former, and similar techniques.

Examples of product made with this material:

Happy plastics!

Country of Origin: Netehrland
International Shipping Price Includes: World
Color: white, blue, green, orange
Dimensions: approximately 35 x 50 cm
Source of plastic: Disposable plastic bags from local grocery stores
Plastic type: PET
Made with: Other
Production: Limited
Finish: High
Plastic type symbol: Yes
Listing created Jul 22, 2019

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